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RosPravosode, the largest file of lawyers, judges and court decisions


Библиотеки, архивы, торрент-трекеры

Reference Information

RosPravosode - a project created in 2012 to study public court practice.
RosPravosode provides an opportunity to study judicial practice by analyzing the texts of decisions published by courts on the basis of the Federal Law “On Ensuring Access to Information on the Activities of Courts in the Russian Federation” dated December 22, 2008 under No. 262-ФЗ. The texts of the decisions are obtained from the official websites of the courts of general jurisdiction, arbitration and peace courts and reflect only those decisions that have been published by the courts over the past few years.
Amending the texts of documents and making decisions on their publication is the exclusive competence of the court.
Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold one’s opinion unhindered and the freedom to seek, receive and disseminate information and ideas by any means and regardless of state borders.
  Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

"4. Everyone has the right to freely seek, receive, transmit, produce and disseminate information by any legal means. The list of information constituting a state secret is determined by federal law.
  5. Guaranteed freedom of the media. Censorship is prohibited. "

  Article 29 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation

"1. The proceedings in all courts are open. Hearing in closed session is allowed in cases stipulated by federal law."
  Article 123 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation

"The effect of this Federal Law does not apply to relations arising from:
  5) the provision by authorized bodies of information on the activities of courts in the Russian Federation in accordance with Federal Law of December 22, 2008 N 262-ФЗ "On providing access to information on the activities of courts in the Russian Federation".

  Article 1, paragraph 2 of Federal Law N 152-FZ "On Personal Data"

The Constitution of the Russian Federation establishes the right to access, including website visitors, to public information of open court proceedings. The information provided by the courts is not regulated by the Law on Personal Data.