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eXeLaB, Darknet Program Research Portal (Krzkerstvo and Reversing)


Форумы Onion Tor и I2P


eXeL @ B is the leading site for research and hacking programs (popularly known as CRACKERS and REVERSE). Training is our main focus: study cracker articles, download tools, order a video course. For a long time, since 2002, a team of top crackers and reversers has gathered here, so the forum has become the most popular section. We are interested in such topics as: programming, especially systemic and low-level (assembler programming language), in-depth study of the internal structure and functioning of computers and other modern gadgets, debugging programs, finding bugs directly in machine code, making crack, keygen and patches, restoring sources from code (reverse engineering "reverse engineering") and not only. In general, a cracker and a reverser are a close relative of a hacker, antivirusologist and programmer, it is in our hands that all power and strength in the field of computer IT technologies is concentrated and we always hope that only good people will join our fraternity, and evil ones will pass by.

Key concepts of cracking and reversing: disassembling, decompiling, unpacking programs, hacking games, crack, keygen, analysis of computer viruses, debugger, assembler, disassembler, cracker, cracker, reverser, keygen, encoder, patch, patcher, cracker, loader, bruteforcer, protector, unpacker, password, keyfile, oep, program protection, winapi, x64dbg, ollydbg, ida pro, ida free, hexrays, hiew, winhex, x64_dbg, windbg, windasm, softice.