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Rules and general guidelines

Rules for users

You need to know the rules - that's a rule in itself.
Otherwise, you run the risk of flying to the ban, because there is no way to waste our time.
  1. Don't spam.
  2. Hypocrisy is discouraged. It's a darknet.
  3. Questions must be adequately formulated. Before asking a question, type it in the site search in the upper right or in your favorite search engine. The answers should answer the question. Information relevant to the question or answer is a comment.
  4. Hidden Answers is not a marketplace. Don't (self) advertise, don't look for a job, or try to start a business on the site. If you do come across offers - it's a scam, youngsters from VK, or just downs. All others trade only with trusted people in specially designated places.
  5. Do not beg or spread the CPU.
  6. Do not ignite or become impudent.
  7. Do not create accounts to break the rules and bypass bans.
  8. If you have already been banned, and you continue to break the rules, you can count on removal.
  9. This site is already anonymous, so it doesn't make much sense to invite to private. If you nevertheless seriously decided to get acquainted to go to deanon (vk, cart and real) - you should carefully evaluate the traces that are associated with your deanoning ass, and what goals (in addition to the stated ones) your interlocutor can pursue.
  10. It is permissible to discuss absolutely any topic on the site. If you don't like something - pass by. But: we do not need propaganda (in fact advertising), be it morality, ethics, religion, or terrorism. You will have to leave calls for rebellion in your juvenile fantasies.
  11. Don't make stupid, unverified, or unfounded claims. Develop logic and critical thinking. Your false beliefs do not become less false because you believe in them. Posts with unsubstantiated statements can be removed at the discretion of the admins. If they write to you to stop, on a forum where there are no restrictions on topics for discussion, think carefully about what the hell you are talking about.
  12. Please listen to the advice of admins and modders. We are not evil. We have a lot of experience and our advice is in your best interest, especially with regard to safety.
  13. Freedom of speech is encouraged, but posts must still obey site guidelines to maintain site quality. We are not censors, but we want a certain level of content so that the site is respected and comfortable to use.
  14. The administration is not responsible for your messages, activity on the site, and the use of it. Our admins and moderators do not review posts and content, advertisements, information, or statements, so you are responsible for yourself. By continuing to use the site, you acknowledge that its content does not offend your senses.