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Runion Wiki, Darknet directory of links to sites and materials with Runion


Поисковики и Каталоги Onion Tor и I2P

Runion wiki

A catalog of links to Darknet sites in the onion zone. The extremely old relevance of links, updates for a very long time was not and perhaps not expected. But there still remains a portion of working links to shadow Internet sites.

The Runion Wiki and the Runion Darknet forum in Russian are, in fact, one piece, created in the image and likeness of each other, both sites have been working since 2012. At the moment, both sites have lost any value, the first because of the irrelevance of links, the second because of consumer attitudes towards forum users and dishonesty. As of 2020, the Runion forum has changed hands (has been sold) and the new administration promises to develop the forum and conduct business more honestly and fairly. Also, all users who were thrown for money by the previous owner and service administrators are promised to partially compensate for the losses (the information is still relevant in 2019), but so far there have not been any significant changes and probably will not.