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Поисковики и Каталоги Onion Tor и I2P

Unlike other Tor search engines, not Evil is not for profit. The price of fleeing evil is a contribution to what we hope is a growing shield against the tyranny of an intolerant majority.

I want to make a donation not to evil, but how?

not evil - this is not for profit. Thank you, but no evil does not accept donations. Anyone who asks for donations of any kind on behalf of no evil is a scammer.

Why can't I find what I'm looking for?

not evil - this is not a warehouse for illegal services and illegal material. not Evil does not tolerate content like child pornography, arms / drug markets, or any other illegal content. If you are looking for this type of content, please move to another location. If you encounter this type of material, then please report it.

Who are you to censor something?

not evil is a reflection of what the community is looking for and what the community reports as offensive or inappropriate content. We are not God, we are not security officials and we are not the police. When a link or host is declared bad, they are queued and used as a signal when evaluating sites for removal from the index. The site is never viewed and evaluated by a person. If enough people report the site as bad enough to form a representative sample of the community, then the machines will understand that the community has spoken, this is inappropriate content, and it will be removed from the index.

What is r.php?

not Evil supports the ephemeral click stream, which is used as a signal against what users click on. More clicks on the link means that the link is more relevant for this request and therefore has higher scores in the search ranking. This is because (i) onion sites rarely link to each other, and therefore (ii) there are very few tools for creating PageRank on the dark web and (iii) onion sites do not last very long.