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Darknet sites. What is darknet and deepweb?

On the Internet, one often hears such a statement as darknet sites. But you probably don't know what it is. If it becomes interesting, then read on, because this article will talk about this, at first glance, mysterious site.
In addition to the Internet itself, the functions of which are used by almost every one of us every day, there is another, deeper network, the so-called deepweb. It is many times larger than this Internet. And it is almost impossible to get into this network from a regular browser just like that. After such information, you, for sure, may have the feeling that this is completely something forbidden, but this is not entirely true. Most of this mysterious "deep web" is not a completely forbidden component, but it is itself, one might say, called the darknet.

Earnings with a big profit, not for students! Earn in Darknet, earnings scheme

I’ll clarify a few nuances right away: I created the topic that I will describe below in the article as a topic for sale, but I will not and decided to make it in the form of an article. The article will have links and scripts purchased earlier, so the links to and files will be given to the LAN, to everyone with a rank not lower than the local and pgp-key !!!
    I must say right away that this is not for schoolchildren and certainly not for couch experts, but for those who have money to start and who in real life want to earn money!

Fake brokers or how to get a divorce for money

Good day comrades and guests of our Board. As promised, I continue a series of articles about loans and their accompanying services. In this article, I will touch on the topic of divorce for money from fake brokers. As I wro​te in a previous article, s​ane people understand that credit topics died a decent time ago, and as one person I respect said: "What is dead, cannot die".

Something about lending or why scam credit schemes

Good day comrades and guests of our board. As promised, I continue a series of articles on loans and their attendant. In this article, I would like to open the curtain on scams (fraud) in the field of lending. And the topics in the dark from the series: "Lending for any amount", "Loans without collateral", "Loans to individuals", "Non-repayable loan without consequences", etc. it is impossible to name a scam in any way. So let's go.

Security in Real Carding.

Sooner or later, a turning point comes when you have already heard plenty of stories of all kinds that real carding (hereinafter referred to as “RK”) is the most fawn, dangerous and somewhat unstable topic in terms of security. Each of us is being pushed by our own cockroaches at this step. In general, you decided to shop. Flag in your hands and tailwind in your pockets.

The basics of carding security

The first thing to believe is never to trust anyone. In general, under no circumstances. Trust can be shown, but no one can trust completely.
If you are a beginner or still have little understanding in carding, you do not understand anything at all, I advise you to simply read and ask more. To ask of course is that which is really not clear. Buttons loot does not exist, freebies, too, and people of virtues for peace in the whole world either.

Basic knowledge of clothing carding and working with CC

CC - cardboard - all this implies a credit card, but if we are talking about online carding, it is rather information about the credit card and its owner.
ss example:
5571324761618000 | 1111 | 836 | Terrance Chan | United States | California | Alhambra | 91801 | 2226 Larch Street, Unit "E" | (626) 379-0768|terrychan@dslextreme.com

Article how to sell stolen goods

There was such a topic in the kingdom of Far Far Away, when the good fellows stole a lot of stub technology and tried to sell through their own radio market, poor sellers were tied, but they paid off, Thank God. Honor and praise to them, none of the good fellows did not pass, which is rare. Everything that was garbage was confiscated, but good fellows had a head on their shoulders and the stolen goods were given to sellers in small batches, so most of the goods remained in their hands. How to be? How to vparit goods without a palette. The answer is insanely simple and impudent.

Tricks scammers and scam sites. Great and interesting article!

I intended to write this article for a long time and wrote for a long time, and in the end I finished it at last, cheers comrades! I’ll tell you about scammers, ways to expose them and other information on the topic, a couple of entertaining narratives are also available. All that I write in the article is the fruit of being on the darknet, reading various forums, communicating with other users, experience and, of course, thanks to elementary logic, I read some points on the forum and simply inserted it here.

Overview of programs for working with virtual sandboxes

It is a mistake to believe that the built-in protection of the operating system, antivirus or firewall will completely protect against malicious programs. However, the harm may not be as obvious as in the case of viruses: several applications can slow down Windows, entail anomalies of various kinds. Over time, the consequences of uncontrolled processes on the part of "amateur" software make themselves felt, and uninstalling, deleting registry keys and other cleaning methods no longer help.

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