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UNITY - The most adequate forum in Darknet. There is a trading section and an honest guarantor.


Важные ссылки в верху

   The reputation of this site is on top, in fact now it is already “the main entrance to the Russian darknet”. It is from him that the acquaintance with the shadow Internet of the .onion zone of the Russian Darknet segment now begins. The main backbone of users formed in the very first days of creation, moving from a run down Runion


The resource fully works without JS enabled.
All sellers are checked and, periodically, undergo anonymous checks from novoregov accounts without history.
All sellers trading through bookmarks should have a re-mortgage policy. There should not be a “re-mortgage at all” approach.

Promotions and contests with cash prizes are held periodically.
Communication on the resource is based on mutual respect. We not only trade, but also share knowledge.
The statuses on our resource are NOT sold, trading statuses do not imply monthly payments, which allows sellers to allocate a larger budget for the quality of work.
We have no fictitious sellers and silent sellers. If the seller does not appear for more than 2 weeks without warning, his status is canceled.
The guarantor accepts Bitcoin and DASH.

Our mirror (v3)  http://unityntfy5n7552k2zsxcajgwygpgdaqugxwbvmk4hmribl37xw6jiad.onion/


  1.  Any financial relationship between users of the resource should go exclusively through the local Guarantor. Feedback on transactions that took place without the participation of the local Guarantor is not subject to publication and will be deleted. Exceptions are evidence scammers.
  2. All commercial offers must be tested. During the seller’s ongoing work on the resource, to control the quality of work, anonymous control purchases will be made at the expense of the Administration. Topics that cannot be verified will be posted to Unverified Services.
  3. Respect each other, despite the status and level of knowledge - everyone once started from scratch. It is forbidden to insult the participants of the resource, srach, spam, flood, meaningless typing of messages (like messages "write to the LAN", "wrote to the LAN, reply"), use your topic more than once a week, duplicate topics and messages (the exception is the simultaneous placement those in the general trading section and the private sector), as well as provoking the above actions.
  4. It is forbidden to advertise, discuss, link and provoke advertising of third-party shopping and advertising sites (the ban does not apply to information and news sites). Advertising of their / others' services that have not passed verification is also prohibited.
  5. It is forbidden to make public and transfer to third parties information from transactions, closed sections, webinars, as well as deanonymization of users and provocation to it. In the reviews should not be present specific information conducive to deanonymization of one of the parties. All disputes should be resolved through the Guarantor, in the worst case, in the Arbitration.
  6. It is forbidden to trade "spice", "salts" (with the exception of mephedrone), porn, sports and other forecasts, people. It is forbidden to sell one product under the guise of another.
  7. It is forbidden to specify public mail services (@ mail.ru, @ google.com and others), messengers with closed code (ICQ, Viber and others) as contacts. Unverified Services and Demand Surveys prohibit any contact information.
  8. Only Protesters and users involved by the Administration to check the product / service are entitled to free probes. Begging is punishable by ban.
  9. Multi-breeding is allowed only with the purpose of concealing trading activity. Conducting public activities from multiple accounts is prohibited.
  10. Registration of provocative nicks is prohibited. Creating accounts similar to existing active nicknames is prohibited.
  11. It is forbidden to ignore questions / inquiries / comments / messages from the Administration regarding commercial activities and passing the audit. A good opinion on the actions of the Administration and on the rules of the resource is welcome (does not apply to Arbitration and decisions on controversial situations.)
  12. Торговля разрешена только в частных разделах и торговых разделах "ПАВ", "Документы, цифровые товары", "Хакинг, IT Безопасность, Кардинг", "Обменники, Обнал", "Оружие", "Барахолка", "Непроверенные услуги". Во всех остальных разделах торговля запрещена. Делать коммерческие предложения в чужих торговых темах запрещено.
  13. Trade is allowed only in private sections and trading sections "surfactants", "Documents, digital goods", "Hacking, IT Security, Carding", "Exchangers, Cashing out", "Weapons", "Flea market", "Unverified services". In all other sections, trading is prohibited. Making commercial offers in other people's trading topics is prohibited.
  14. It is forbidden to blame users without providing evidence.
  15. The administration reserves the right to change the rules without warning and introduce exceptions.
  16. The administration of the resource is not responsible for goods that are sold on the trading floor.
  17. The administration reserves the right to issue and withdraw any status without explanation, to open and close any commercial topics, to choose the measure of punishment.

In the Trading sections, there are additional rules and recommendations that are an integral addition to these Rules.

After registration, go to the section "Important information from the Administration", the information in which is mandatory for familiarization. "Directory" and "Search" will help you in obtaining the necessary information.